Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Before and After

Many of you requested pictures of my handiwork.  Since I'm not smart enough to grab the camera before, I had to dig through my old pictures to find a good one of Lilly before...

This one was taken about a month and a half ago at our camping trip.
and now...
I just took this one (don't mind all the junk in the background!)
I know that she looks a lot cuter when she's sporting the scruffy look, but that is much hard to maintain since she doesn't care to be brushed!  So for us it is much easier to clip her.  She is a pretty good sport about it.
And here are some of the comments about my previous post...

Jennakat said... Thunk!  My jaw just hit the floor!  You forgot that I was the one to catch her! >:(
Jennakat is also known as Darly (she doesn't like the name Darly but since that's what you all know her by, that's what I'll use.)  And yes, she's right.  She did help me catch the dog before her bath.

OK Chick said... I don't have animals but I think giving them a bath would be my least favorite part.  It seems like lots of hard work.
I've always had animals and have given them baths.  Dogs are the easiest if you have the right equipment.  We have a utility sink with a hose attachment, so I'm not hurting my back by having her in the bathtub and the hose just makes everything nice...I can focus the water right where I need it.  (much better than the old cup method.)

Bone said... Just put a bunch of toys in the bath.  Oh, and tell her that the tub is the only place the monster who lives under the house and peeks thru the window at night won't get her.  That always worked on me.
Well Lilly seems too nervous about her bath to even bother with toys.  I've never tried toys in the bath for any of my pets...but seeing as they seem in panic mode I don't see toys helping. 


  1. Looks like you did a good job on that :)

  2. Lily looks so adorable!! Great job! :)

  3. You did a great job! Now you can see her beautiful eyes.

  4. Oh my...You're supposed to give a dog a bath??????? Yikes! Amber is 4 1/2 and I've never given her a bath. Fortunately she's a yellow lab and doesn't seem to need one...or is that just me being lazy and not wanting to take the time to give her a bath? sigh

  5. What an absolute cutie...and so well groomed. See...a photo was definitely required!!!

  6. Ohhh hers sooo cute!

  7. Lilly's new "do" looks great... I bet she feels nice and soft again too! Quin hates his bath, but he always looks, smells, and feels so good afterwards that it's worth chasing him down to do it! :)