Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grooming day

After putting it off until we couldn't stand her any more it was time to finally break down and groom the dog.  She was getting to be quite a mess.  Her hair was getting too long (although we keep it trimmed out of her eyes) but she was looking quite shaggy.  She hates to be brushed so she had some matts on her too.

So first I took her into the garage with my trusty scissors to trim her up.  In the past I've used clippers on her, but her fur is really fine and it cloggs up the clippers where we can't use the length guards on them.  And since we have no guard on the clippers we end up chopping her up at all different lenghts.  Besides my clippers are really loud so they scare her.  This time I decided to use just the scissors and I was quite pleased with how she came out.

Yup, she's still cut at all different lengths...I'm not perfect.  But we were able to achieve the same results we normally get with less stress.  I let her up to shake off the hair during the clipping and to give us both a break...and this time I didn't have to chase her down.  In fact there was one point where I was checking the progress and said "I need to do a bit more on your head." and she came right over to me. 

After the clipping it was time for a much needed bath.  She was getting really stinky.  But she wasn't so happy about that part.  In fact for the first time she tried to hide from me and actually tried to get out our front window.  LOL!  But she was a very good girl in the bath and is now all clean and smells like doggy shampoo instead of just like doggy.



  1. Someone needs to bathe my boss's dog more often. And it's clear it won't be him...

  2. So where is the photo of your doggy handiwork? I bet she's one stunning beauty now that she's had a haircut!!!

  3. Thunk! My jaw just hit the floor! You frogot that I was the one to catch her! >:(

  4. I don't have animals but I think giving them a bath would be my least favorite part. It seems like lots of hard work.

  5. Just put a bunch of toys in the bath. Oh, and tell her that the tub is the only place the monster who lives under the house and peeks thru the window at night won't get her.

    That always worked on me.