Saturday, September 13, 2008

whole lotta nuttin going on here...

I haven't posted anything cuz not much going on.  It's been nice to not have to worry about anything though.

But looking at the calendar, I see that October is fast approaching and I need to get started on Girl Scout stuff.

so off to do some research on our ceremony.


  1. I think, when you write:
    I haven't posted anything cuz not much going on

    Sure, you have done a lot's. For you it might be "as usual" - but for the rest of your blogger friends - it's not.
    Just a photo from this morning, your neighbourhood, etc etc tells an important story. Why is that?
    Because you have blogger friends from all around the Globe - Climate, vegetation, architecture, nature, seasons etc are different.
    hugs from
    Tor in Norway

  2. Not worrying is great. Hope it continues! :)