Sunday, September 14, 2008

Girl Scouts starts up quickly!

Where has September gone???  I could have sworn that it was just August and now we're half done with September...where has all my time gone?

It's Girl Scout registration time.  My troop was supposed to get their forms all filled out on Sept 5th.  But I had to cancel because I was sick...I didn't even have the registration forms then!  So we were supposed to get together on Sept 12th to fill out the forms, but that didn't work out either...only 3 girls showed up and due to parking issues I didn't even get there in time to fill them out.  :eyeroll!:

So I have to turn these forms in on Saturday the 20th...  One of the other moms in the troop suggested we get together on the 19th and we'll HAVE to, but we don't have a location to meet because I forgot to request the room.  I'm a dork!

I should be searching for an alternate location.  Think I can do it today?  Maybe?

We also have to get our Investiture/Rededication/Bridging ceremony done.  I found a better bridge idea than what we had last year.  Our bridge is one that the other troops in our area use and I like to call it the bike ramp.  It isn't anything but two triangle ramps with a platform in the middle.  I was very disappointed with it.  So I searched online and found a better bridge.  I just have to get the parts and build it.  It shouldn't be too hard...just some wood pallets & cardboard.

I've got my ceremony I just need to farm out all the stuff that I can so I can relax.  hee hee  I don't see that happening cuz I'm such an A type person who has to be in control of everything.  Wish me luck at letting go....

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  1. Just let me know when it's time to order cookies again, please :)

    P.S. I'm slowly but surely making it through reader. 7 down... only 60+ left to go!