Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Cat Meme By Darly

Guest Blogger Darly:

Thanks to Catzee for tagging me. This is a kitty meme, but I’ll do my best even though I'm not a cat. It's so you can get to know me better. Here it is.

A) Four places I have lived:
1 - Wyoming
2 - Korea
3 – Grandma house
4 – My house

B) Four things I love to watch:
1 – Good Eats
2 – House of mouse
3 – Dirty jobs
4 - Butterflies

C) Four places I have been outside my home:
1 – Museum
2 - Gym
3 - Mall
4 – Girl Scouts

D) Four websites I visit daily:

E) Four of my favorite foods:
1 - Pizza
2 – Arby’s roast beef sandwich
3 - Steak
4 – Kraft macaroni & cheese

F) Four places I would rather be right now:
1 – American Girl Place, LA
2 – Watching TV
3 – Walt Disney World
4 – Kurse of the Dark Castle – Busch Gardens VA

G) Four toys I have owned and played with:
1 - Sandy – my American girl doll
2 – Coconut – Sandy’s dog
3 – Emma – my fake American girl doll
4 – Fifi – Emma’s dog

H) Four nicknames my staff have tried to assign me
1 - Darlypoo
2 – Darly
3 – DJ –wah wah wah! snort!
4 – Hearty –silly girls at my gymnastics class tried that one.

I) Regarding Catnip: ya gets to choose one
1 - Love it
2 - It's nice
3 - Could take it or leave it
4 - Don't like it or can't have it
2,but I’m not a cat

J) Regarding Cat Grass: here's another one to choose
1 - Love it
2 - It's nice
3 - Could take it or leave it
4 - Don't like it or can't have it
2, but I’m still not a cat

K) First four things I'd buy after winning the lottery:
1 – A bunch of stuff for my doll Sandy
2 – a Torti Cat – would try to rescue one from the shelter first of course!
3 – rescue a kitten from the shelter
4 – buy a play tower for the cats

Catzee said this: Lottsa Temptations fur all my furrends (Darly I hope ya likes Temptations in case I win the lottery.) Ummm Catzee, I don’t know about that. I could give them to my cats though.

L) Four things I do besides eat, sleep, and litterbox:
1 – play with dad
2 – play with Sandy
3 – my school work
4 – attack Lilly

M) Four things I want to do this summer:
1 – be a flower girl
2 – go to Girl Scout Camp
3 – go to American Girl Place, LA
4 – go camping

N) My four most prized possessions that have limited value to anyone else:
1 – my huge collection of art made by me
2 – squashed pennies
3 – my special rock collection
4 – my two calendars in my bedroom

O) What I’m going to do before tomorrow is over:
1 – take a shower
2 - eat
3 – play with dad
4 – watch TV
she better clean up her mess!

P) Which of the following is your favorite place to hide and play?
Paper bags
Plastic bags
Other (please describe)
Other – bedroom. I don’t actually fit in paper bags or plastic bags and we don’t have any boxes that I fit in either.

Q) Four other "pets" your staff have kept with you: Lilly, Trina, Trudy, Misty

R) Four friends I tag to respond: Mom says I’m not allowed to tag anyone. But if they wanna play along that’s fine.


  1. Hey Darly,
    Glad to see you have joined our little bloggin party for the day. So good to have you.

    And here I thought, I was the only one who LOVED Arby's roast beef sandwhiches. Yum!

  2. Welcome Darly to our blogging playground.

    My favorite comfort foods are pizza and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese...and now you make me want to go out and try an Arby's roast beef sandwich. It sounds so delicious.

  3. Darly what a great Meme!
    My two children, Ten and Twelve, love to eat Kraft Macaroni and Cheese too! My twelve year old daughter is a Girl Scout and she is working on her Silver Award. When she is in high school she wants to earn her Gold Award. Keep up with Girl Scouts and I hope you get to the camp this summer.

  4. Very interesting responses Darly. Actually I think you would make an excellent Cat. You have all the qualifications (Temptations will grow on you I'm sure.)

  5. I positively adore Busch Gardens in VA, Darly. I rode my first ever roller coaster there when I was seventeen... and I was scared to death, but ended up being the one who begged to go on more before the day was over. :) Good call!

  6. Darly, you and I should get together for dinner. We like all the same foods! Who doesn't love Arbys? :)