Thursday, February 22, 2007


The Thursday Thirteen may or may not be retired as of today...this one being the last one. But our Gracious Host Leanne says that folks are interested in buying the rights (did ya know it was copywrited? it is!) So maybe today isn't the end.

At any rate, I've decided to come out of semi-retirement here because I'm stuck at home waiting for my SIL to call me. *sigh* That will probably take up a few of my 13 things...

1. Like I said I'm waiting for SIL to call to arrange picking up her Girl Scout cookies and those cookies for my brother who is in Afghanistan (not her other brother...I've got 3.)

2. She emailed me last Monday while I was out for my bike ride to say we could do it then...ha ha or that we could try to hook up today.

3. But she has nap issues with nephew that MUST be worked around. I totally don't get the nap issues crap (oops did I say that?) because with Darly we just went places. If she needed to nap, she napped. She was such a good and easy baby. But apparently my nephew has to have his naps in only certain places.

4. So if he sleeps while she is driving and sleeps for the whole time, they'll consider that an entire nap and we can go somewhere...but if he sleeps part of the time, she'll have to get the cookies and run so that he stays asleep. *sigh*

5. So I wait not so patiently for her to call.

6. I need to go to the library and get a new book to read...but I should also clean my office and house. I would rather read a book.

7. Darly's clothes order from Kohls came this morning. Here I was saying that it wouldn't get here until after 5:30pm, but it showed up at 11am instead. Everytime I complain about UPS they prove me wrong. I gotta remember to do that the next time I use them. ha ha it's fun!

8. All the clothes that I ordered for her are too big...figures. But she wants to keep them because she'll grow into them. I hope so.

9. We got my car back last night. It seems to be running just fine now. I should check out the headlight though. I wonder if that vacuumed it?

10. Almost all of the Girl Scout cookies have been delivered. YAY! Now it's time for the paperwork & money. I sure hope that all goes well.

11. Darly has to come up with something to do for Presentation Club tomorrow morning. She doesn't have any ideas.

12. The place where Darly has gymnastics is thinking about offering classes for Adults. But two are in the mornings when I don't have any place for Darly to go...I don't think that she'll like waiting and watching me through the glass windows. Ha ha Then there is one at night at 7:30...that's too late. I would be too tired by then.

13. I think the idea was to do the classes when the kids aren't there so the adults don't feel silly, but they still forget that a lot of us homeschool. We live in the hometown for the Christian Home Educators of Colorado.

Okay, that's 13 things.


  1. i bought two boxes, yum
    and can't eat them yet....

  2. Books make remarkably good procrastination...but then, I have a habit of starting a second book so that I can procrastinate on the first one a bit.

  3. You make the T13 look easy! I lost track of the days again over at my blog.

  4. Hmm, sounds like about three things you just split up -

  5. Whoever thought Girl Scout cookie sales and delivery could be so complicated...I'm impressed you've managed it all so well.

    If it's a choice between reading and cleaning, there's only one right choice...reading, of course!!!

  6. Wow. You've delivered almost all of your Girl Scout cookies? I am envious...of course I find that it's often the last few boxes that are the hardest to collect the money for. Glad to hear that your car is running well.

  7. I love gs cookies! I ordered some, but I can't remember what I got... At this point they could hand me 10 boxes and I'd pay!! LOL!

    Thanks for all your support with LLB's stupid teacher and such! Your comments made me smile.

  8. Darly needs to do her presentation on Cats. She could even throw in a few comments about blogs and computers and make it sound scientific and impressive.

  9. I didn't get any GS cookies this year... I think it's the first year ever, just about. Oh well... normally I have people call me, but they didn't this year.

    Do they still have the chocolate and peanut butter ones? Those were my favorite. Bob's were the chocolate and mint ones.

  10. I don't know how to count to furrteen. Is is bigger than me?????

  11. I haven't had Girl Scout cookies in years. Yum-mee!!

    Here's another minute for you!

  12. My favorite cookies are the Tagalongs. Yum!

    An Island Life