Wednesday, February 07, 2007

no way!

I just clicked on create post expecting for blogger to tell me that I had to make the switch and low and behold...I don't have to yet. YIPPEE!

Another day of old blogger for me. I'm so psyched.

gosh, now I don't even know what to blog about. LOL!

Oh, I guess I could ask for your opinions on this...

Darly is selling her little heart out on Girl Scout cookies to try to "win"/earn a Move 'n' Groove dance mat. The good news is that she's sold over 260 boxes of cookies...the bad news is that it takes 450 boxes to get the dance mat.

So because she's a great kid and I really need a good idea of what to get her for her birthday anyway...I've told her that we will just buy her a dance mat for her birthday. Now the problem...which one?

I see that there are a lot out there that you plug into your video gaming system. We don't have a video gaming system and I really don't want one either. We don't need another reason to be watching the tv. So out of the others there are the kind that plug into your TV and the kinds that don't. Does anyone have these kinds or have you or your kids ever tried these out? I need some opinions.

I checked at epinions but they're mostly on the other kind.


  1. Glad to hear that you are still a "beta blogger". As far as any of the incentives from Girl Scouts, for selling cookies, my experience is that they are usually not the best quality. So forget the 450 boxes (remember, if you sell them, you must deliver box at a time!)lol. My dh and I bought Ten a "dance mat" for his plugs into the TV. It's called "double dance mania". Could be great but it doesn't work too well on carpeting. Hope it helps.

  2. That's a lotta cookies!

    Here's a minute for you :)

  3. I regret not getting the matching dance mat for our original (aka OLD) X-Box dance game. Wish I could offer up more info. :(

  4. I have nothing to say on your post (sorry, I have a nephew but no nieces so if you want advice on tractors, trucks, etc., I've got oodles, but little girl stuff? They don't even make the same toys I played with!), but I'm very curious to know how long you get to do this old blogger thing.

    I tried your trick of logging on to someone else's blog to comment then posting and it wouldn't let me, so this is impressive! :-)

  5. I am useless as far as the current toy technology. So I don't have any advice on that one. I wish I was closer so I could buy some cookies from your daughter. I love the girl scouts as I was one too for quite awhile. Good luck with the dance mat.

  6. you sly girl.

    Although, I kinda like new blogger. I haven't had any complaints. But then I just started this blog on this new format. I didn't have to import anything.

  7. We have the Barbie 12 Dancing Princess mat that plugs into your television. It's more for ballet moves and not hip hop type dancing.

    An Island Life

  8. I can switch ur template over when you're ready :) Or we can do something new!

  9. Sorry Renee, mine goes to PS2. Have fun delivering all those cookies!

    Good luck dodging the beta bullet.

  10. I have nothing to say other than this reminds me of a Seinfeld bit he did one of the times I saw him in concert. To paraphrase:

    "A lot of people say life's too short. I say, no it isn't. It's actually too long. Have you ever been at the mall and you see someone in the arcade doing this dance revolution thing? That right there is proof that life is too long, that those people have nothing better to do than that."


    I'm also impressed by your defiant stand with Old Blogger. Stay strong!

  11. Did you find one?

  12. 200 something cookies?! Wow! Thats a whole lotta shoogah!

    Anyway - sorry I dont know much about the dance pads.

    Oh hey, I kind of like the new blogger. I think it is way nicer and easier to work with those basic templates.

  13. I've never heard of a game system without a tv attached. we bought an xbox for christmas and it's great, but you can get a ps2 pretty reasonably and it's a great system.

  14. I freaked when I had to change- that was over two months ago- I love the new blogger you can do so much with the template, don't stress over it you will love it