Monday, February 12, 2007

HOT DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been trying all morning to post something (not too sure what to post now) but blogger has been pretty insistant that I make the switch to the new blogger. well I don't know how I managed...perhaps it's the having a different window open to my blog...the one I was trying to post on. Funny I think I remember reading in the help section to try a new browser window if I couldn't log in. well HAHAHAHAHA! I'm posting and this still isn't new blogger.

Okay some real stuff...thanks to everyone who is sending me valentines...I can't wait to read them all on Wednesday. Speaking of Wednesday...I should be out shopping. I got DH a gift and I have a card for him already...but there is a much more important event coming

DH's Birthday is TODAY!!! I have no idea what to buy for him and he has been telling me and Darly that he doesn't want anything at all. I teased Darly that we should get him a new pet...but he would so seriously kill us for that. You should see the backyard right's so full of dog crap because we haven't been able to go clean it due to the snow. but I digress... gotta figure out a birthday. We went out to dinner last night to celebrate because Darly has gymnastics tonight. First we tried to go to Black Angus...35-40 min wait. Nope! Then we drove past Olive Garden and a few other places. I suggested that we try the new steak place in town SaltGrass, but they were also a 30-40 min wait. At that point I suggested that we might have a table already at Black Angus if we had waited. DH agreed. But we headed over to Applebees anyway.
We got a table right away at Applebees and the dinner was okay... DH & I shared a Steak & Riblet combo. The steak was grizzly but not hard to chew...just hard to cut. And the Riblets were...weird. I don't know what part of the pig they came from...they were mostly bones, but tender and tasty.
Dh got a free dessert that we all shared...the Maple Butter Blondie Sunday. Very yummy!

Saturday morning I got up early and went to get the Girl Scout cookies for our troop. They have the set up down to a drive up to each station and the people there load up your verify that they gave you what you ordered and you're on your way. very easy. I spent the next hour or so sorting cookies by girl's order. Then Darly & I started delivering. We got everyone on our street done quickly. Then I called everyone at Church who had ordered.

Sunday was Mayhem!!! Darly & I had walked into the fellowship hall at Church and no sooner did we set our stuff down and we were swamped by folks coming up to get their cookies. It was crazy!
We were a few minutes late to Sunday School and even there we had to sort out cookies for another order. LOL!
Then on the way to service we were swamped again. One lady kept asking if she could help but really it was more of a bother to me to have to keep telling her no, I had it under control (in my own frazzled way!) But seriously dealing with one customer at a time works best.
We got into Church on time (I was SHOCKED) and I hid the cookies under the bell ringer tables that stay out all the time...they have a skirt on them, so folks wouldn't see the cookies.
After Church, I was trying to get the cookies out from under the table and the Pastor's wife comes over to get her cookies. I was kinda shocked because I feel like I shouldn't be selling cookies in know the whole Jesus turning over the Tax Collectors' tables in the Church thing... so we got out as quickly as possible and were approached by yet another person wanting cookies.
We sold an extra 8 boxes...that I now have to reorder because we sold out of our extra boxes before I even got the cookies.

So now I have a request in to do a Walkabout where we get to borrow cookies to sell and then can return the extras.

Darly came downstairs wearing jeans that were too short and a shirt that the sleaves were 3/4 even though they weren't supposed to be. So I had her go through her entire closet to see what still fits. We have to go shopping today so she has something to wear. So I should go before the day is gone.


  1. You are killing me with all of this GS cookie talk. I wonder if the girls will be selling them at our grocery stores sometime soon. Mmmmm, cookies.

  2. Looks like you're still on old blogger to me. I love those thin mint cookies, so delish.

  3. Happy birthday to your DH! We just turned in our pre-sale cookie orders...Will start "boothing" the beginning of next month...did I mention, I am tired not so much of selling the cookies but at the thought of having to deliver all of them! (sigh). Hope that your shopping trip was sucessful...and congratulations on beating the blogger system!

  4. Happy Birthday to DH! Hope you all had a wonderful celebration!

    An Island Life

  5. Happy B-Day to your DH. I've already ordered my cookies from my niece during yet another cookie sale. Now I have to figure out who to foist them on since my husband refuses to let anything that's fattening (and that tastes good) cross our threshold.

  6. Do they still make those coconut caramel cookies? Doh, I've got to get outta here!
    Happy Birthday DH!

  7. hey, you old blogger, he he!

  8. and happy bday to your DH!

  9. people do some crazy stuff for girl scout cookies. What I wouldn't do for some thin mints :)

  10. I'm super impressed by this old blogger stand. I'm with you until the bitter end... :)

  11. Church is great, but church with cookies is even better!