Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I've gotta remember how I did that!

perhaps it was just a fluke? I don't know. I'm in.

I noticed on Uisce's blog that not everyone is all that thrilled that some of us are holding out on making the switch. Does this really cause a problem for you? If so let me know. I'm just holding out to be contrairy and to try to win whatever it is that Uisce says he'll give me for holding out the longest.

Seriously though, some of the folks on his holdout blogroll haven't been posting much. I don't think that should count as I am actively trying to post without making the change and others are just not bothering.

Anyway, more fun and games with the Girl Scout cookies. The girls in our troop continued to take orders for cookies after we turned in our cookie sheets...this is fine and normal. But to get those cookies we have to wait. However, I discovered a loop hole for that and we can get cookies on Thursday. But the cookie lady thinks that my goals for this are too big. Really we want to check out the cookies for the entire weekend but she wanted specific hours. so when I told her she told me that I shouldn't expect that much out of the girls and I don't. We just want the cookies and at this point, I'll do whatever I have to get them. ha ha ha

I'm just in a defiance mood today.

Darly is upset with me for sparing her a noisy Valentines Day party. She hates these parties as it's a bunch (40+) of kids locked up in a room at the library making all kinds of noise with not much to do. She doesn't like noise. Sure she might like the valentines, but usually noise trumps everything else. And I don't really want to go either as I'll be expected to try and keep these kids in line because their moms will be too busy socializing. So I get to put up with the grumpy kid.

Oh about our shopping trip yesterday...it was mostly a bust. Darly wears a size 7slim pant and you can't find that in the stores. But I did find it on their website and bought her 4 pair...she doesn't know yet, so she'll be excited.

But I did find yesterday a great deal. I first noticed this skirt a while back when it was $40, but they didn't have it in my size. Boo!
Yesterday I find my skirt on the clearance rack...in my size and now it's $8.00! KaChing! I tried it on and it fit so nicely. I'm a happy girl.

I know the link I gave you for the skirt is at JCPenney...but I bought it at Kohls. I was just checking the JCPenney site and they didn't even buy my size at all. boo again. I'm really perturbed with them for not ordering my size or having it available online. that stinks. Glad I found it at Kohls though. hee hee What I wanna know is why Kohls is selling it for $8.00 and JCPenneys still wants $30 for it.

My Hairdresser called me today. She had sent me a letter back in Dec? saying that she wouldn't be in until Feb. So now she is back and I desparately need my color done. I told her that I tried this at home "shine" kit and it made my hair so brassy. I hope she can fix it for not too much. I should look and see if I can find any coupons. so tomorrow, hopefully I'll be a brand new me.

Just wish I could find a solution for the acne on my forehead. I didn't go through this as a teenager, but now my face looks like a teenager's. It's kinda depressing, luckily most of it is covered by my bangs.

tired of my blathering along? me too


  1. You're not causing me any problems staying with old blogger. I'm rooting for you.

    So what did you end up getting DH for his birthday? :)

    PS: Cute skirt.

  2. Hhaha Oh blogger, I can't wait to see how this is going to turn out!

    I agree: cute skirt!!

  3. I'm rooting for you on old blogger. :) I have nooooooooooooo issues with it!

    I didn't go through this as a teenager, but now my face looks like a teenager's.

    I hear ya. I had a remarkably clear face as a teen, but early 20s... uff da.

    I use Clinique (costs a bundle, but...) and for the most part, it works well.

  4. yeah I think to win you probably have to do some posting. I'll have to check the official rool book.

  5. I don't notice any problems with posting...I think people are just mad because they wimped out and made the switch (like me) and you didn't yet. :P

    You go girl! I'm curious to see how long you can go before you're forced to switch.

  6. I have more problems commenting on the New Blogger blogs than the old. I don't see why it matters to other people what you do with YOUR blog. People are strange, I tell ya.

    No one is selling cookies here yet. I can't wait..I loves me some Girl Scout cookies. I'll probably gain back all of the weight I have lost.

    I have 3 Vday parties to attend tomorrow. Landon is having his first group party...I'm so excited for him. I bought mini-everything for his class. Mini-cupcakes, mini-cookies, mini-chips...I love little kids.

    Alli wears 5 slim...I have a VERY hard time finding pants for her. I feel your pain!

    Nice skirt! I L-O-V-E bargains!

  7. Renee - I don't have any problem with your blog. I hope you win Uisce's prize.

    I love getting good bargains too.

  8. I don't have problems with your blog. I do have the acne problem though. It has gotten better since I have been using the apricot scrub daily and some acne stuff from Mary Kay.

  9. Old blogger is not a problem for me either. Good luck with the hair color. A good cut and color makes all the difference!

    An Island Life

  10. I hope you win, as obviously I have caved and gone over to the new blogger. If you don't sign out of the dashboard you can probably hold out a little longer

  11. We love those Girl Scout cookies!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your encouraging comments :)