Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wedding Woes

Well first I need to comment on the weird thing that happens when I try to post something on my blog. I click on the link and I get a posting window inside of a posting window. Since I don't know what to do with that...I put my post in the inside I can't see any way to get it in the outside box. Weird.

So today DH & I were trying to figure out our plans for attending the wedding this June.

The players:
DH: dear husband
DNP: dear Niece who is getting married
DF: dear Niece's fiance
DNE: dear Nephew who is graduating from High School
SIL: Sister in Law who is their mother
MIL: Mother in Law who is the mother of SIL & DH
Darly: dear daughter who is one of the flower girls in the wedding
BIL#1: DH's oldest brother (the one with 7 kids, his one dd is the second flower girl)

Okay, I think that does it for the cast.

So SIL and her kids in an effort to have all of the family come and visit for the longest amount of time possible have scheduled DNE's graduation party on the Saturday before the wedding. June 23rd for the Grad party & June 30th for the wedding. They seriously want for the family members that are invited (more on that later!) to come and stay then entire time between those two dates. For us this would mean a 10 day trip. The airfare is the same no matter what days we are there. But for a 10 day trip we would need to add on extra car rental, extra hotel stay, extra food, extra dog & rabbit care here, and extra car parking here. Oh and then there is the issue of what to do for the 4 days between the two that's entertainment costs.

So this morning DH is looking online at the prices for everything and trying to figure out what we would do for those 4 days. His Uncles have cabins that are near the area that we might be able to stay at...but we weren't really looking to go camping. We could go to Mackinac Island, but DH says it is a tourist trap that might be windy like Jamestown, VA was and Darly won't like that. So he is wanting me to decide and I really don't care. Darly doesn't want to stay for the 10 days. So I suggest that he call MIL to see if she has any preference on how long we stay.

MIL tells us that she doesn't care how long we are there and gives us the updates...first DNP's wedding location has changed as they were unable to get a location in the first city they wanted...Traverse City. It will now be in Gaylord. This is good news as Gaylord is actually on the interstate instead of having to take back roads and it's closer to Frankenmuth.

The second news is that DNE wants to invite all his classmates & teachers to his Grad party. With so many people that we don't know there, we're thinking that 1)DNE isn't going to realize that we aren't there and 2) that's way too many people for these introverts that I live with. So that makes it easier to skip the Grad party all together. YAY

So we've purchased our tickets for the flight and will only be gone 5 days. While we could stay with family for some of the time, we're thinking that it would be nicer to not have to deal with them and stay at a hotel. So we're looking into that.

Now I just have to ask around for dog & rabbit sitters.

Oh, I promised you some more on who is invited to the wedding. It's tradition in Frankenmuth for everyone to crash your wedding. Don't know who or why, it just is. MIL said they had about 10 extra people come to her wedding, some with gifts, some without...but the more the merrier.

DNP & DF don't want anyone crashing their wedding. That's why it won't be in Frankenmuth. They want a really nice and fancy wedding, but they don't want the expense of it, so they are only inviting certain people. Part of this included a request that only BIL#1, his wife & DD come to the wedding instead of their entire family. The have given each of their parents a certain number of people that they are allowed to invite. SIL accidently mentioned to her cousin some of the wedding details and the cousin was excited to go to the wedding when SIL had to tell her that she wasn't invited. Oops!
DH thinks this is crazy. A wedding should be full of family & friends and well wishers. But I think it's their wedding. Who are we to tell them how to do it? I do think they're going to have to allow BIL#1's entire family to come though. That's just silly to say that they can't.

Oh I forgot to mention that SIL#2 (she's not mentioned in the cast of characters above) is upset with DNP for NOT having her daughter be in the wedding. LOL this is so totally crazy. First of all, the daughter is 17! And she's been a flower girl numerous times before. It's time for the younger cousins to have their turn. I wouldn't be suprised if DNP didn't even want this cousin to come to the wedding at all...this kid's behavior is terrible. She's got issues.

I should quit now. Here's another dress that I found


  1. Renee... after I posted I went to get groceries and, you were right! There the GS's I got my cookies after all. Tagalongs for me, Thin Mints for Bob, and Samoas for Ashley. And, all is right in the world (except for the fact I forgot Bob gave up chocolate for Lent, so he has to wait and have his cookies after Easter.)

  2. Wow, that's a whole lot of stuff to deal with. Reason #4598347378259724754593 that I don't deal with family. :)

  3. Two things:

    1. I had to reread the list of characters a couple of times to make sure I could follow! :)

    2. I'm so glad to know that someone else's family is every bit as insane (uh, I mean that in the nicest way possible of course) as mine. ;)

  4. It's just so sad that weddings bruise people's feelings. If it were me I would make the guest list first, inviting everyone who would reasonably expect an invitation. I would look at the budget and then have the wedding at a place that would allow the entire guest list.

    It is well worth keeping the peace in the family.

  5. Whoa... lots of wedding drama!! I like big weddings, but I understand that the cost gets to be too much.

  6. ...finished that post so you can see the whole thing--and the point I was trying to make before I thought I lost it.

    Now to study...

  7. I think you were right when you said that it's their wedding and they should only invite who they want to come. Why must everyone impose their own expectations and preferences on this couple? That always strikes me as painfully selfish of guests. One more reason that my 2nd wedding had a cast of 5: Husband, me, the JoP, our best person, and a friend with my camera. The end. It was fabulous.

  8. So much drama...makes me glad there aren't any upcoming weddings in my family! Darling dress... don't think you can make the other one for that price!

  9. many worries associated with a wonder Hubby and I ran off to Las Vegas without any family or friends. We just couldn't face all the drama and hurt feelings.

    BTW...the dress is really cute.

  10. Gah, weddings stink! I told Davin right after ours that if he dies I'm going to shack with a girl so I never have to go through the wedding process again. Of course now, with the way the laws are changing, I guess that's not always going to be true. He just better not die...

  11. Ah, family crap is so much fun. I'll tell you, the grad - just send him money. That'll keep you in his good graces. :)

    Oh, and Pooh needs your validation. . .I mean vote, please

  12. Ugh. This makes me not want to go to another wedding again, ever.

    The dress is adorable.

    And um, as your #1 male readers, I'm NOT reading the post above. Thanks for putting the word "menopause" in the title. That was all I needed to see :)