Tuesday, February 20, 2007


How's that for a title to get your attention??? ha ha

Well if you read my post below, I am without a car today for the second day. Yesterday I had the lovely pleasure of using DH's car for all my errands, meetings, etc.

Today however, I was left to my own devices for transportation. So I use my bicycle to get from our house to the Church...here let me look up how far I actually traveled so you can either sympathise or laugh your butt off at how weak I am... it was 1.7 miles. Let the laughing commence!

Well one thing I learned on my trip is that there is a valley of sorts between my house and the Church...so yes, I had to travel UPHILL both ways. LOL

I had to first put air in my tires with the only pump I could find in the garrage...the broken one. It did work but took some convincing while the dog barked at me from inside. Then I left...it was cold so I had gloves & one of those ear protecting headbands on...I also had some sunglasses.

I walked the bike down the hill from my house to the main street (actually named MAINSTREET...there's a silly story about the name.) and then hopped on to ride to the Church. I was doing just fine until I got to where the sidewalk ends because this is also where the hill going up to the Church begins. At this point I was almost there and almost out of breath. My lungs hurt and there was a pain in my upper chest.

I decided to push the bike the rest of the way. The trip took me only 15 minutes, even with the pushing. Not too bad...but I had to "recover" from my ordeal for about 10 minutes before I could start working. The office manager was very nice about it and I was early...I had given myself 30 minutes to make the trip.

My trip home again was tougher, would you believe. I coasted down the hill by the Church and that was going well until a moving van refused to move over until the very last minute...I had actually breaked in prep for moving into the grass when he finally decided to pull over into the very clear lane to his left...yeah I was going against traffic.

But once I got to the sidewalk I pulled off the road again. That went well, but I realized that there is a slight slope...against my direction.

I made it home and I wasn't terribly winded this time...but I am terribly thirsty. I should go make some soup to heat me back up.


  1. 1.7 miles in fifteen minutes makes for an average speed of... 6.8 miles per hour. Go you!

    Hills are tough :) Glad you survived.

  2. I'm tired just reading about your ordeal. Can't stand when the hill go up hill both ways! Give yourself a pat on the back...after you catch your breath. (Good thing you didn't have to transport any Girl Scout cookies today.lol)

  3. I am so impressed...bicycling up and down a hill is not an easy task...especially when you have no sidewalk, a moving van in your way coming down and it's really cold outside. I applaud you for your initiative.

  4. The trip took me only 15 minutes, even with the pushing. Not too bad...but I had to "recover" from my ordeal for about 10 minutes before I could start working.

    Keep in mind that while I'm laughing at you, I haven't ridden in a bike in three years. And that was on flat land.

  5. I'm glad you are still with us Renee. Does this count towards your exercise?

  6. I know I would have had an asthma attack BIG time! My hat's off to you on being able to make it on your bike.

  7. Yikes! I would have died. I can barely make it up and down all of the stairs at my school.

  8. I am very glad you didn't die, Renee. Sounds more than a little annoying, possibly verging on scary. Whew! Another ordeal survived! (Do you keep a list of them, or is it just me?) ;-)