Monday, February 19, 2007

I've seen better days!...

Actually I wanted to title this "It's seen better days," but isn't there a song that goes "I've seen better days..." oh well...

Today being a federal holiday (President's Day) DH decided to call around and try to get my car fixed. It's been a real mess since he whacked the deer last Mother's day.

So this morning we got up early (for me & Darly) to take the car in at 8am.

Then I got to drive DH's car (OH JOY!) to my LLL meeting. It's not that DH's car is bad or anything, but after driving from up high in my Explorer it feels like I'm sitting on the ground in his Camry. Meeting went very well.

While I was gone the mechanic called and listed out everything that is wrong with my car. It seems that the 4x4 was stuck and partially engaged...which would explain the weird noises I've been hearing. The 4x4 that we just had replaced 2 years ago has to be replaced AGAIN! The mechanic recommends the manual version this time because he hasn't ever had any luck with the Automatic types. So now if the weather is yucky and I want 4x4, I get to hop out of my nice warm car and turn the hubs by hand.... can't you tell how excited I am? :p

They also need to fix the alignment, rotate the tires and straighten out the front headlight.

Oh and they won't be done with my car until at least noon tomorrow because they don't have the 4x4 parts. YIPPEE!

I'm only supposed to be somewhere tomorrow morning...

So I looked online to try to rent a car for me to use tomorrow. We have 2 car rental places in town and the one has no cars...the other wants $47 a day to rent their car???? :o

Since it's cheaper for DH to take off from work to drive me around, that's what he's gonna do. So I get the pleasure of having him home again.

UPDATE: DH didn't stay home to drive me. I get to ride my bike. I hope I don't pass out from altitude sickness. I should be leaving now.


  1. Well, at least you get more time with him. :)

  2. Yuck. I hate having to deal with car repairs!

  3. It is a big adjustment fron a 4x4 to a Camry. The Camry is probably easier to park.

    I hope yor car comes back good as new.

  4. family, may drive you nuts at times...but you wouldn't want to have to live without them.

  5. At least you have some options. Car repairs are a drag. But what would we do without our vehicles????

  6. And you get a chauffer (sp?).

  7. it's hard to go from an SUV to driving a car. I'll never go back! I hope your car gets fixed right and soon!

  8. Sometimes don't you wonder whether you're driving the car or the car is driving you? I hope all the aggravation and money you've invested in your SUV will be worth it and you'll have one primo set of wheels when you see "her" again.