Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh MY Goodness!!!! What a day!

Well the day started off pretty well. I had picked up Girl Scout cookies last night for our troop to sell...but I was required to go back today to return them between 6 & 7 pm. Ut Oh! Darly has gymnastics class at 6:30 and the cookies place & the gym are about 30 min (with good driving conditions) apart.

So what to do? Last night I decided that it was silly for us to drive all the way back home from Girl Scouts (which is closer to that side of town) and then try to get to the cookie cupboard sometime after Darly's gymnastics class started. So I made plans to stay on that side of town at Jen's Hoard for the hour or so inbetween....

Well let's start off by sorting out our cookies. I took from the cookies the ones that we needed to fill our orders. While I was out there sorting, our neighbor was out and I asked if he wanted any (we missed him for the orders...and yeah, this is the neighbor with all the cars!) He did and bought 6 boxes. YAY!

Then I got everything packed back into the car to take to our Girl Scout meeting... I even remembered to bring a "tea cup" (really a coffee mug) for Darly to use for our "tea party" really served cocoa. We had to go over to our good friend at Woodstone Prairie's house to pick up and drop off a few things. And then we were off to Girl Scouts.

I got there early to try to deal with the cookie business and did with one mom...the other mom wanted to wait until after the meeting which was fine with me cuz I had to kill some time between the meeting and the cookie place.

We had a great Girl Scout meeting. The girls learned about manners. And we got all the cookies off to the girls who needed them. Then we headed over to Jen's where I sorted all the cookies back so that I could count them all and fill out my paperwork for the cookie cupboard.

I left Jen's at 5:45 and got to the cupboard in going home traffic at 6pm on the nose. Well the cupboard lady had not even put my order together yet. I don't know why. She had a larger order that she was still trying to take care of and I would have to wait to get my cookies. I offered to help her and she said that I couldn't. I really couldn't wait and I couldn't come back because my family's dinner was already being messed up for this.

So I asked if I could just keep the cookies that I already had and use them for my sale tomorrow. She said that would be fine. Any paperwork? No. so in reality I didn't need to come there at ALL today I didn't say that last part...but I was sure thinking it as I fought my way back to our town to get Darly to gymnastics class on time.

I didn't make it to gymnastics class on time. By the time I reached the accident scene all that was left were two police cruisers talking about something. Couldn't you guys move off the road to say the doughnut shop to talk about this? Of course I didn't get to say this either.

Darly was about 10 min late...and only missed a little stretching. Her class was otherwise uneventful.

I had placed an order for a pizza earlier and we got that on our way home. So that took care of our very late dinner.

But the good news is that I got a check from Nana to send some cookies to my Brother in Afghanistan and one of our homeschooling friends bought some cookies for herself & our neighbor in Iraq. J in Iraq & R in Afghanistan are our hometown heros.


  1. Phew!! That's quite a day!

  2. I thought that my day was busy... but today you get the prize. One would think that the Girl Scout organization would streamline the whole "cookie thing" in order to encourage the parents of the girl scouts and the cookie manager/chair to want to sell cookies, instead of making it one hassle after another. You've reminded me that our troop is currently experiencing the "lull before the storm". (sigh)

  3. The girl scout cookie gods have it in for you Renee. I hope your sale went well.

  4. What a day!! I'm sorry I added to your busy-ness :( I'm glad the meeting went well (it's VERY good we didn't try to go... if you know what I mean). Thanks... see you soon.