Sunday, January 04, 2009

Birthday report 2009 edition

I have to back track just a tiny bit to tell you about Saturday. ;)

The weather man had reported that we would get some snow on Saturday and all day the sky was yucky, like it was gonna snow, but you really couldn't be sure it was gonna happen. So since we had nothing better to do we loaded up the car to make some returns & exchanges and did a bit of shopping too.

While we were at Michaels (which DH fell in love with!) it began to snow. By the time I had looked out the store's front windows there was already an inch of fluffy stuff on everything! I pointed this out to DH & Darly. Seeing as we were already out it didn't matter really how much snow was coming so we kept on shopping.

When we were ready to leave there might have been an inch & a half of snow but it was still falling. I'm not sure why but we chose to not put the Explorer in 4x4. Going home we had two choices of routes...I told DH to take the route that goes up a hill because it is shorter. My Bad

As we are trying to get to our turn we notice the cars in front of us trying to avoid something. Finally we reach it and realize what is going on. There are two small sized sedan type cars that are pretty much stuck in the middle of the road trying to get up the hill. Luckily there was plenty of room to get around them on both sides and we pulled into the left turning lane to get off the hill...we slipped just a bit. As we turned we saw a "bumper bump" where a mini-van had rear ended a Jeep. This was a bit crazy. Luckily we made it home only slipping around a bit, but had to put the Explorer into 4x4 to get it up our steep driveway.

DH stayed outside to shovel the snow but it was coming down faster than he could shovel, so he gave up.

DH woke me up this morning (thank goodness! or I would have overslept...bed felt so good this morning.) and while I was in the shower he went to shovel the driveway so we could get out to go to Church. We had about 6 inches of snow with some drifts too.

We had to be at Church at 9:30 because I had to teach Sunday School...however, I slacked off on that today. It's my birthday! And they have us teaching the kids the same Bible stories that they've heard over and over since Pre-K for 3 weeks each. My kids have begged that we don't do 3 weeks worth and I agree with them. Last year they had tests on these lessons...they know this stuff! So instead of our lesson we chatted about our Christmases and some other stuff too. But eventually the kids got tired of that and I just let them go to the Fellowship hall in search of cookies. (aren't I evil to return these kids to their parents hyped up on sugar? ;) bwahahaha!)

So we get upstairs to go to service and notice that the folks who were supposed to usher are not there yet. Holly & I volunteer to usher until the other folks get there. Pastor thanks us and goes off to get ready. After about 5 minutes Holly & I realize that we get to usher the entire service. DH came up and offered to usher for me, but I decided to do it anyway. (DH was the head usher at our Church in TX, so I have plenty of experience at this!) Everything went really well no worries.

After Church I get to pick what we're doing for lunch...I pick Quiznos. YUM! although the meat in the middle of my sandwich was a bit cold...I don't think the kid spread it out very well. I should have had a sammy like DH, but I was hungry.

We head home for my loot! Darly made me the cutest birthday card! It says: "Dear Mom,
=:3 =:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3 >^..^< (meow) =:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:3=:341 Bunnys and 1 Imposter!

I LOVE IT! hee hee

then inside she has given me coupons for a free hair style by her and a backrub too. Cool!

Dh gave me a very nice card with a coupon for dinner choice.

Darly & I watched my all time favorite movie... BABE. And this time Darly finally got why I think its so cute (I think!). LOL! I just love the little mice with the chapter titles. hee hee

So I had to decide where we should go for dinner. Tough choice. We ended up trying this place called The Dusty Boot Steakhouse & Saloon. They should really call it a Salloon cuz the steakhouse part was debatable! When we pulled up we could see through the HUGE plate glass windows a very large bar and massive big screen TVs everywhere. My first thought was RUN! But we decided to see how bad it was.

When we got inside it wasn't that noisy at all. Good!
they sat us next to one of the HUGE windows. BAD!
The view of the gas station nextdoor was impressive. BAD!
They chose to leave the second door of the air lock open. BAD!

Then we looked at the menu. Seeing as it claimed to be a steakhouse, we first looked at the steaks. YIKES! The cheapest steak in the place was going for over $20. Gulp! That's a bit hard to swallow...pun intended. Instead DH & I decided to try out their Sunday special which was buy one buger get one free. Good choice...turns out they have very good hamburgers there. But it was so huge we could have shared one. Lilly is a happy pup tonight as she got the second half of my burger.

When it came time for dessert DH asked if they had something special for a birthday. They didn't, but the manager said we could have our dessert for half price...while our waitress was finding this out we decided that we would go to the grocery store and pick up one of those microwavable cakes isntead.

At the grocery store we picked up two microwavable cakes, icecream & some caramel sauce. YUM!

DH* over cooked our brownie cake tonight, but it still tasted good with the ice cream & caramel sauce on it! We topped it all off with sparkling apple cider and called it good! (*edited to remove all blame from Darly who did NOT over cook my brownie. I warned DH that the microwave was powerful and would probably take less time. sigh I love to be listened to.)

It was! Very good!


  1. Excuse me?!?
    DAD over cooked it. Not me. DAD.
    AKA Darly

  2. LOL @ Darly :)

    Sounds like you had a decent birthday - even if not everything went according to plan. And I love that you slacked with your Sunday school class, hehe.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! So, how young are you now? 25? :-)

    I can't even imagine having to drive with snow on the ground. It still amazes me when the planes lands on a snow covered runway!

  4. Happy birthday to a wonderful girl, a great pal, and more!

    Oh, I got you a coupon for half a dinner.

  5. glad you had such a lovely birthday! and that brownie cake made my mouth water! :)

    hope your holidays were merry and bright! happy 2009! :)

  6. Happy Late Birthday!!!! God gave you a present...6 inch. of snow. HAHA! I'm happy you guys went out to eat to celebrate your bday.

  7. Sounds like an AWESOME birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    I just love Darly's present.... ;) So sweet!