Monday, January 12, 2009

Workout log

For today's workout I decided to "shake things up a bit" and change my routine...

Actually I didn't have much of a choice. Last night we got hit with about 6 inches of snow and if I didn't get it off the driveway it would turn to ice!!!

So I got out and shoveled up DH's side of the driveway first (you're wondering why we have sides, right? He parks on the right side, I park on the left...that's why.) That took about 30 minutes. After doing DH's side and the sidewalk I needed a break. I was getting all sweaty and my arms hurt.

I went in and heated up my soup for lunch, and read my book for a while. About an hour later I went back out to shovel my side of the driveway too...I was hoping to get it done in time to still have some sun to melt off the rest of the snow. I got it done in about 20 min...all hot and sweaty again.

I had turned on the self cleaner on my oven, so I walked back in to the oven that was my house! and it smelled like burning food too.

Now I'm freezing while I type this as my office while right next to the thermostat is kinda like in it's own wing and is always colder or hotter than the rest of the house. I should go find the space heater! burr!


  1. That's a good thing! You built some muscles too! Go you :)

  2. Is this becoming a workout blog? ;) Where are the posts of the minute details of the day? hehe!

  3. good for you! and i'm all about space heaters. as we speak, mine is humming under my desk! :)