Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Co-op & Water Heater

Monday night was the registration for my homeschool's coop. Seeing as I'm the coop coordinator, I had to be online to make sure everyone who needed to be in was in and to keep a count on space in the classes for when they would get full. It would be nice if the computer could do that for me, but alas that hasn't happened yet. sigh.

From 7:20 to 10:00pm I was taking care of coop. Lucky for me I had the help of two great assistants. They're my best buddies and cohorts in this homeschooling group that I'm in. I have to brag about my homeschooling group. We have the best group in our area drawing in folks from all over cuz we're just so good. We have a ton of great classes coming up this coop and silly me, I'm the teacher for 4 of them. Lucky for me, two of mine are not being taught by me...I just made the arrangements for them. The third is really Darly's class...I'm gonna let her take that one, so that leaves #4 which I'm co-teaching. That one will probably be the toughest...but it will be fun too.

Now for the water heater....

This afternoon I was finishing my lunch and reading when I hear a pop noise...kinda like the noise you hear when your cookie sheets warp in the oven. I had no idea what could have caused that noise and chose to ignore it. Darly came running in and was thoroughly perturbed that I wasn't doing anything.
A few minutes later she tells me she hears water running and a knocking noise from the bathroom. She is no good at pinpointing noises. So I go to the bathroom...can't tell where it is. I decide to check upstairs and have her check the basement. She finds it...the water heater is pouring water all over!

By the time we get down there the water has gone almost all the way to the sump pump. I call DH to figure out how to shut off the water. The valve on above the water heater won't budge for I shut off the water to the house. Then Darly & I start moving wet items to dry and squeeging the water to the drain. (we really need to make some sort of water barrier to keep the water from flooding the basement!) Luckily this time we didn't loose a lot of stuff...just a few boxes.

DH came home as Darly & I headed to the gym. So I'll fill you in on the latest gym saga. Last Thursday we got a notice that Darly's class will now be only 1 hour twice a week...that's down from a hour & a half. But if we would like to make up the extra hour we could sign up for a Wednesday night class. (can't, Darly has confirmation on Wednesday!) Why are they doing this? Cuz they can't keep enough coaches. Tonight they were short again and had to combine casses. Darly started off her time in the gym with one coach and beginner girls and then after the hour she got a different coach and more advanced girls.
So I went to talk to the office manager about what's going on. She says they are interviewing a new coach on Thursday and are hoping that works out...but they are also going to restructure the classes. Remember how back in May they told us that Darly could move up to this class but in reality it was because there weren't enough girls in her class and another class? Well now they are going to "demote" the other girls that were in Darly's old class who shouldn't have moved up.
I don't know for sure what level Darly is supposed to be at. What I do know is that Darly is the best in her class at most of the skills and the only skills she is lacking in are the ones they haven't been able to do due to not having enough coaches. I asked if Darly could get an evaluation to see where she's at. Perhaps she'll be able to at least move back to where her old classmates are.

We get home from the gym and DH has decided that we need a new water heater. So he leaves to go get one...with no dinner. We discussed his dinner options and apparently I assumed he was going to eat out for dinner on his way home from getting the water heater... and he assumed I would hold dinner until he got back. Darly & I had breakfast food for dinner w/o DH. He came home hungry, so I had to make him some dinner too...left-over spaghetti.

DH is still working on getting the water heater installed. Darly reported that there is still a leak. He's gonna be tired tomorrow! I sure hope he doesn't call in "sick." :p


  1. You just better hope DH doesn't decide to install low-flow shower heads while he's putting in the new water heater.

  2. Didn't cooping cut into your Facebook time?

  3. Ah, the joys of homeownership. Broken water heaters, etc. Sigh. Hope it works out soon.