Friday, January 02, 2009

Vaseline Clinical Therapy Lotion – thoughts

Well I’ve been using my Vaseline Clinical Therapy lotion for almost a week now and I wanted to report on its progress.

I love how it feels. The lotion goes on with no greasy feel and makes my hands all silky smooth. I also tried it on a really dry and itchy spot on my leg and that feels much better too. Before the lotion I had those “snag on everything” type hands. I tell ya, doing all the extra holiday dinner dishes had done a real number on me! But the Vaseline Clinical Therapy lotion made a real difference. And maybe it’s my imagination, but my fingernails feel healthier too…usually by this length I’m getting splits and snags on everything.

And now you’re wondering about the giveaway…
Well since I have 5 bottles of lotion to share and I had exactly 5 folks who said they wanted one…that worked out pretty well. Don’t cha think? I think it was fate that we had been chatting this lotion up on my Homeschooling board right before I got the review. One of the other moms had just been saying how much she liked the lotion and wham! I have some for the other moms to try out. I’ll be sending out the samples this week.

Thanks again to Vaseline for giving us the opportunity to try out this product and also to the Family Review Network.

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