Thursday, January 29, 2009

I didn’t run fast enough!

Mel over at Box of Chocolates tagged me for another meme. I had pretty much given up doing memes a while ago because I figured that everyone who reads my blog…all 6 of you… know everything there is to know about me. So now I have to think about 10 totally random things you may or may not know about me…without giving you enough info to steal my identity. Sigh!

I just remembered that today is Thursday. So if I put 13 things on this, I can call it a Thursday Thirteen and maybe get some more folks to come & read my blog.


1) Hummmm So the thing about me is that because it isn’t really required of me to know what day of the week it is, I usually don’t have a clue. And if DH has a day off or takes a day off, I’m totally LOST!
2) That leads to a nice segue … I don’t watch LOST. Hee hee I realized a few years back that all the TV networks are trying to get me to watch their shows. They want me to see their advertising and help make money. But I decided that there isn’t any way that I can possibly watch all those shows and still have a life…or a blog! So now I make myself NOT watch all the new shows. I’ve never watched LOST, Grey’s Anatomy, and many of the other shows out there. I did catch an entire season of Desperate Housewives once, but gave it up easily after the tornado! What were the writers thinking?!?!
3) Back in the day when I did watch TV shows, Seinfeld was one of my favorites. To this day you can still hear me spouting Seinfeld quotes. However, I’ll never be as big of a fan as Bone (his screen handle is from the show!) and sometimes I do have to look up what he is talking about!
4) Another TV show I used to watch religiously was Northern Exposure. What was funny was the very season I didn’t want to watch it. I was totally annoyed by most of the characters…but by season two I was hooked. Turns out that in another part of the country, my future DH was also hooked. So when we had to drive out to Seattle to have our car shipped to Korea we stopped along the way in Roslyn Washington. It’s a very cute little town but now it’s totally a tourist trap banking on folks coming through to get a glimpse of the show. FYI remember the totem pole…it’s totally fake! It’s a prop strapped to a telephone pole!!! I stopped watching when Joel finally was allowed to leave and Dr Kapra took over…he just wasn’t as good…he actually wanted to be there and there wasn’t all the tension because he had his wife there with him.
5) So what do I do now that I’m not watching prime time TV shows? Well I spend a lot of time on the internet. Mostly I’m chatting it up with my blog readers and the gals in my homeschooling group. Once it gets warm here I’ll be out doing more stuff and you won’t see me online as much.
6) What TV do I watch? I’m a huge fan of Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, Good Eats and other food network shows. I try to stay away from some of the more gimmicky shows on food network…like Emeril. I was watching him once and he would bam his food just to make the audience go “oooh!” I wonder who is eating that over spiced junk he puts out…I bet the stuff he feeds the folks was made in the back! BTW: On Good Eats, Alton Brown will refer to extra spices as “Bamage.” Too funny!
7) I also read books! In this house you will usually find Darly & me both with our noses stuck in a book. We keep a pile of books in the “reading room” and are proud members of the circle butt club. And I’ve found that the way to keep me on my elliptical trainer is to have a good book. If I finish my book, but not my workout I’ll try to start over…but I’m usually not a happy girl about it.
8) I thought earlier in the year (all 4 weeks of it so far) that I might join this challenge to read 100 or more books this year. But I wisely decided to not make it official and it wasn’t until last week that I realized how unrealistic that goal is. In order to read that many books it would mean that I would need to do two books a week…every week! I like to read, but come on! I don’t have that much time. So instead I’m going to enjoy as many books as I can, but not stress myself out over it. For a list of what I’ve read so far, see my side bar. Yes, some of the titles are kids’ books…hey they help me keep an eye on what Darly is reading and they’re quick!
9) Hum I wonder if this counts… an update on our water heater situation. The new water heater is still leaking water from the pressure release valve. Yesterday when I went to check on it after running our dishwasher I found that it had filled up a 5 gallon bucket to overflowing! I also realized that the hose that DH had attached to the valve did reach all the way to the drain and I set it up the hose so we don’t have to empty the bucket anymore. DH called up the manufacturer about getting it fixed. The gal asked who installed the water heater, and since it was him she is sending us a new valve for him to install. It should be here tomorrow. That related to info about me because I figured out that the hose could reach the drain. ;)
10) This past week two of my blog friends have posted about qualities to look for in a man. I too had a list of what I was looking for… I wanted a guy who had a good job, who was at least as smart as I was and who drove a car that was in at least as good of shape as the car I was driving (my car was brand new at the time!) The reasons I had these requirements were… I had previously dated guys who while very good looking (at first! Looks fade fast, especially when beer is involved!), weren’t smart and didn’t value a good education, couldn’t keep a good job and didn’t have reliable transportation.
11) I’m perfectly happy to stay at home if I have nothing better to do, but if my car is out of commission it drives me up a wall! I don’t like being “trapped” at home. I also don’t like living too far from town. I need to be able to walk to the grocery store if by some chance my car is in the shop or something. Course right now it is below freezing outside so walking anywhere is out of the question.
12) I don’t like to be cold. My hands and feet get all cold like they’ll never have warm in them again and it just makes me shiver. If my ears get cold, I will get a terrible headache. I just look in wonder at these folks around me wearing shorts when it’s only 40 degrees out! Burr!
13) And for some odd reason in my old age instead of getting hot flashes, I get cold flashes. A nurse friend said it was probably my thyroid. :p I do not want to be put on any medication. I hate having to take any pills. I had low iron as a kid and so it was suggested (not by a doctor but some technician at a health fair) that I take iron. My mom went all gung ho on it and made me take iron pills every night. After about a month of that crud, I started spitting my pills out in the toilet. Funny how your entire life gets messed up by your childhood experiences.

So if you came here via Thursday Thirteen, THANKS! Leave a comment and I'll come see you too. And if you're my regular peeps, I'll come see you too! Happy Thursday!


  1. I LOVED Northern Exposure, and I have not seen one episode of Lost. I gave up on most TV shows a long time ago, but I will admit that I have an affinity for House.
    Great Thursday 13, thanks for coming by to visit mine...

  2. sometimes I do have to look up what he is talking about!

    So there it is, huh? All of your darkest fears and everything you're capable of.

    Good luck with all THAT.

    I also stay cold. At the office or anytime I'm in a car with someone else, if I'm comfortable they're burning up and if they're comfortable I'm freezing.

    Seems like the more medicine you take, the more you have to take.

  3. I tried to watch Lost but I just didn't understand it and I gave up.

  4. Thirteen facts of any kind, however random or disconnected, make a legitimate Thursday Thirteen!

    That was very interesting!

  5. I have tried a dozen times to leave this comment, I have a lounge room full of girls keeping out of the heat. The noise is distracting...giggles and crankiness all at the same time - sigh!!!

    I loved 'Northern Lights" and I don't like being trapped at home without a car either. And thank you for the advice about frozen bags of water for Buns. He is in hiding under the deck, I hope he's OK.
    Eaton. :)

  6. Thanks for playing along!! I am a sucker for the new shows and Desperate housewives, Grey's, and LOST are all on my must see tv. I loved Northern Exposure!! Have a great weekend.

  7. You're addicted to the Internet?!?!?! I had no clue! O:)

    Oh man, I'm constantly cold!!!!! I always put on extra layers. When my best friend and I are together, she tries to take a look at what I'm wearing and then decides how to proceed. If I have a sweatshirt on, she goes with a t-shirt. That way, with the heat on, etc., we're both comfortable. She's like a walking furnace!!!

  8. I love Seinfeld! :) But now I play on the internet much more than tv!

  9. I love Seinfeld. They just don't make TV the way they used too. HA! I'm not a LOST fan either. I watched a few seasons but they hacked me off when did all the reruns. I stopped watching and never went back.

    Very good list!

  10. i love the food network. it's like comfort television. you can just close your eyes and listen to them rattle off ingredients. :)