Saturday, January 03, 2009

I broke my own rule!!!

I broke my own rule by buying myself a new range for my birthday/valentines day/St Patricks day/Easter/Mother's Day/Anniversary etc present...for a while! I suppose it's okay though seeing as I didn't really want anything else.

After begging and pleading with my oven for it to not be broke I've finally given up!

I asked DH if we should call an appliance guy out to look at it to replace the part. The part alone is $200...who knows what the appliance person would charge to come out, labor and what his mark up on the part would be. DH figures for all of that we might as well just get a new oven. Course I don't think he was planning on it costing as much as it did.

So today after looking online we went to Home Depot (cuz they're having a sale) and looked at ovens. I decided that I really wanted a double oven range. I grew up with the old double oven range that looks a lot like the range with a microwave where the hood goes...can't find those anymore! LOL! So this double oven takes out the storage drawer and uses that space for another oven.

At our Home Depot store they really didn't have much that I could look at...they only had one double oven in the store (wrong color of course!). So I decided to look at their website. Just to be sure I checked out Lowes, Sears & Factory Appliance Outlet...OH and AAFES too (that's the Army Airforce Base Exchange store). Yup, Home Depot definately had the best price.

So I got the range much cheaper than the other stores had it for, then HD was offering 10% off that price...AND I got a rebate on my delivery. (sucks that I have to wait for that money back)

Here's the link

I am giving up three features for this range though. My current range has a dual burner that can either be small or large depending on how you turn the knob. It also has a Sure Simmer burner where you push in the button and instead of cycling on and off like a normal electric stove it stays on (I tried to use it once and it was just too hot to cook with!) and this range also has a split rack where you can take half of it out so you can fit large items in the oven and still bake on the other side. Kinda cool.

but I don't use the Sure Simmer cuz it gets too hot. I'll learn to live w/o the dual burner (it was my favorite!) and since I'll have two ovens I shouldn't need the split rack.

Now I should clean up my old range and see if anyone wants one that needs some work.


  1. Happy Birthday, lady!

    And um, you're a woman. You're allowed to break your own rule any time you so choose :)