Friday, January 16, 2009

Who should be my friend?

I recently became a facebook-er. As part of the sign-up process I entered my High School info...I thought it would be cool to see if I could find my old friends. So far the only person from my High School graduating class that I was good friends with is an ex-boyfriend. And while that relationship ended pretty well, I just have no desire to start that one up again...and so far neither does he.

My problem is there is this one guy from my High School who keeps sending me friend requests. I know who this guy is, but we were NEVER friends in High School. I don't think that he really has a clue who I am (I don't have my maiden name on there). I've clicked on ignore for the second time. I hope he gets the idea.

But I'm wondering if I should just remove my HS info from my profile and if I do will that keep this guy from trying to be my friend.

Any thoughts?


  1. Don't count on him getting the hint.

    I keep getting requests from one girl I went to high school with, and no matter how many times I ignore her, she keeps sending me requests. I will just continue to ignore them, and she will just continue to send them I assume. But I'm never friending her.

  2. facebook is indeed an interesting place. :) i've gotten a few requests from people from the same school, but i never approve them since i didn't know them THEN much less now. :)

    have a great holiday weekend!

  3. I went and deleted my HS info...I hope it deletes me from being in that group of folks.

    I just wonder why in the world he wanted to be my friend. Maybe it was cuz I was one of the cool kids and he wasn't. ;)

    I'm kidding.

  4. Welcome to my world. I mean, if I was on Facebook O:)