Friday, January 30, 2009

Journal Buddies - Review

Darly is really into keeping a diary (a great place to keep secrets from dad & me) or sharing her thoughts with her friends. So when I had the opportunity to review Journal Buddies by Jill Schoenberg, I knew my daughter would be thrilled.


The journal buddies books are fun, interactive journals intended to help adults (parents, teachers, mentors…) build and strengthen a child’s self-esteem. These powerful but simple journals are truly a fresh and invigorating take on journal keeping.

"Journal Buddies: A Girl's Journal for Sharing and Celebrating Magnificence"
has been awarded the Dove Family-Approved Seal. "The Dove Foundation has
established itself as a valuable resource for consumers seeking quality
entertainment and programming that's suitable for their entire household,"
says Jeff Yordy, VP of Marketing, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Dove's Review of Journal Buddies states that it is "a very creative way to help
encourage self esteem in young girls. It is so important in this day and age to
help children with their self-image. This delightful ingenious journal will show
them a way to capture their imagination, ideas and thoughts and share them with
others. Giving the diary concept a different look. This is a perfect gift for
young girls." To learn more about Dove's review of Journal Buddies visit

Furthermore, Journal Buddies interactive journaling systems for boys and for
girls are both winners of the 2008 Mom's Choice Awards, an award that
represents quality and ingenuity. Like other symbols of quality that consumers
have come to rely on, the Mom's Choice Award on a product, service or media
production alerts consumers its appropriateness for children. The Award is a
symbol of family-friendliness that parents, educators, librarians, social
service professionals and others rely on to help guide their purchasing


Jill was nice enough to send us a girl’s copy of Journal Buddies for Darly. She also autographed the book which left Darly totally unimpressed. I had to explain the entire autographing thing to her, even though she has another autographed book. Sigh!

This is no ordinary journal where you keep all your thoughts a secret. Journal Buddies is meant to be completed and shared with friends. Darly really liked the fact that you don’t have to have the same buddy every single day. One day it could be her friend “E”, another day it could be her friend “I”, even I can be one of her buddies. I think what she liked even more was a great excuse to call up her friends when she doesn’t see them.

For each journal entry, Darly needed to write 3 things that she likes about her buddy and 3 things that her buddy likes about her. This was a great way to help her think about the positive in other people. Journal Buddies focuses on kindness to others, an important trait to instill in our children.

There is also a focus word for the day complete with lined and/or blank pages. Darly really liked this part because she would rather draw a picture than write any day of the week. She could write down her ideas, draw pictures, or even glue magazine cutouts and photographs to help her express her thoughts.

When she’s done with Journal Buddies, we’ll put her book in her memory box. I know this will become a treasured keepsake that we’ll both enjoy reading when she gets older.

I would really like to thank Jill Schoenberg for the opportunity to try out Journal Buddies and the Family Review Network.


  1. I never really got the autograph thing either. I mean, I got Allison Fisher's autograph when I met her. But really the signature doesn't mean that much. Meeting her (and telling her "This is the greatest day of my entirelife") was cool, though.

  2. Besides, half the time you can't read the autograph anyway. They all look like "Flaming Globes Of Sigmund."