Friday, January 09, 2009

Why I'm up so early!!!

DH warned me that work might be calling him this morning last night before he went to bed. He said he didn't know what phone they would call on. I asked if I could place the land line over on his side of the bed (it is usually on my side) he said no, he would put his cell near the bed. So I asked if it was okay to hit him in the head with the land line when they called. He just lef the room. @@

So this morning I'm somewhere in the middle of a dream and I hear his cell phone go off. RING! I hear that DH is in the shower. RING! So I'm up looking all over for his darned cell phone. RING!
Is it on the night stand? NO!
Is it on his dresser? NO!
RING! <-I'm thinking.."how long does this sucker ring before going to voice mail???"
I yell to DH "WHERE IS IT???" He yells back "Never mind, I'll call them back when I'm done."
It has stopped ringing and I find that he had placed it on the bathroom counter. @@

He gets out of the shower and calls them back from the closet. The dog who had heard all the commotion before now hears him talking and she starts barking cuz she wants to be with us!

I get up cuz I can't go back to sleep NOW. DH is off the phone and I explain my early morning "Easter phone" hunt to him. To which he laughs.

I tell him that he SHOULD have placed the phone next to the shower where he could reach it. He says he doesn't want to answer the phone and get it all wet.
I say putting the phone by the shower isn't so he can answer is to prevent Murphy from calling while you're in the shower. He laughs!

I go downstairs and let the dog out and make my coffee. Sigh!

Oh by the way...It's time to order your Girl Scout cookies!


  1. Wow, you're up at a normal time of day ;-)

    (OK, earlier than a normal time, but still! Quite the switch for you!)

  2. girl scout cookies again? We just got ours a couple of months ago! But one can never have too many thin mints or samoas. - Mary

    Hi Miss Renee and DD and Lily!! - Miles and Sammy and Billy too

  3. Is it that time again? Hope it goes well this year!

  4. Renee?? It's 7 o'clock in the morning. What are you doing up? How long have I been asleep? What year is this?