Thursday, January 15, 2009

Workout log & TNO

30 min today... I probably could have done more, but it was getting late in the day. I've really gotta cut back on my's a huge time killer.

I almost forgot that today was TNO (Teacher's Night Out - or when us Homeschool moms get together for a night out). This morning when I got up to get my second cup of coffee, I decided to toss a roast into the crockpot for dinner. So I had dinner all set and then I remembered TNO...oh, I won't be eating dinner here....hummm how to figure this out.

Darly had gymnastics til 7pm. So DH would have to pick her up cuz I couldn't be at TNO & pick her up both at 7. But would DH & Darly have the roast I made for dinner?

Darly still had the Claire's gift card burning a hole in her pocket so we went there and spent most of it on toys. LOL! The gal told us we would have a dollar & some change left on the card as if that were a problem. She was trying to get me to spend more than the card. HA! I would rather loose that money if I have to. But I'm sure that Darly will come up with some way to spend it. hee hee

I dropped Darly off at the gym and came home to see what DH wanted to do about dinner. Turns out he didn't want to have to deal with the roast, so I didn't have to deal with it either. They went out to dinner and I had dinner at TNO with my friends.

On my way home from TNO tonight I pass a cop car and I was speeding...but either the cop didn't think I was going fast enough to write the ticket or the cop wasn't really in the car, cuz no one came after me. WHEW!


  1. I've really gotta cut back on my's a huge time killer.

    LOL You just told me I need to update more often!!!!!!!! Um, no!!!!

  2. I've really gotta cut back on my's a huge time killer.

    I agree. Facebook kills me. Even if I'm on it for 10 minutes, it's still time that should have spent doing other things.

  3. You're on Teacher's Night Out. OKC is off in Facebook world. And I'm left sitting here like this uneaten roast, which by the way, was for the whole family.

  4. Bone, maybe TC will eat with you?

  5. Wait! You didn't eat the roast? The one that smelled up your house so nice? The one that made me want to buy one for my crock pot this weekend? :)

    BTW, I've posted a picture of the prize for next weekend's book launch party. Hope you're still playing!

  6. to answer your question, you'll be ordering through me for the book signing at a discounted rate. You can use any major credit card or Paypal. It's all through Paypal because of their ordering security. Hope that helps. :)

  7. I like roast...