Friday, January 02, 2009

New Years

First a late shout out to my "little" brother...Happy Birthday "lil" brother. Of course he will immediately emphasize that he is my YOUNGER brother, not little brother...which is quite obvious if you get us all together. LOL! I'm the oldest of 4 kids...the rest were boys. This affords me the status of being the Favorite Daughter, Favorite Sister and even Favorite Granddaughter... because I'm the only. LOL!

New Years Eve I was about 6 minutes into my attack of the eliptical trainer when the phone rang. I ignored it knowing that I could call back whomever it was when I was done in about 14 more minutes. but the next thing you know my cell phone was going off! I knew from the ring tone (I've assigned each of my friends their own tone) who it was. And sure enough she called back on the land line a bit later. I went ahead and picked it up as it was right next to the eliptical trainer and continued my self-torture.

She wanted to borrow my daughter for an evening of New Year's fun, but emphasized that she wouldn't keep her overnight. In my delirium, I agreed to take the girls afterward. but we would work out the details after I finished working out and got a shower.

Next the phone rings just as I'm getting off the eliptical and it's my co-Leader of the Homeschool Support Group. We hash out a few details and then I call back the New Year's Eve party planner. note: still no shower! I now have a to do list. I call up the mom of the other party girl. note: STILL NO SHOWER! I'm just about to step into the shower and DH calls...he wants to confirm our NYE plans. I never did find out what he really wanted though cuz I told him about our plans. He was coming home early.

Finally I get a shower...whew! Things were getting a bit rank...reminder: wash the bathrobe!

I take Darly to her friend's house for NYE party and head for home.

Dh & I enjoyed a nice dinner of Broiled chicken, linguini alfredo (fetuchini takes forever to cook!) and asparagus. YUM! We then watched TV. DH was annoyed about something and never told me what that was so we sat in silence. sigh

at about 10:30 I checked in with the party and found that they were just about to transfer over to me.

The girlies arrived at about 11:15 or so and promptly went to play. We didn't hear anything out of them. Ahhh this could be a good evening?

At 11:55 I called the girls up for the countdown. They grabbed their hats & horns to get ready. DH poured them all plastic cups of sparkling apple cider which we had a hard time keeping them from drinking early. And finally it was 2009!

The girls made a ton of noise, both inside and out, drank their cider and went back to playing.

They all stayed up way to late while I slept on the couch! Nice evening.


  1. The countdown is on! :)

    Sounds like a good NYE!

  2. Sounds like you had a nice, laid back New Year's Eve celebration. Wishing you a wonderful 2009.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday to your brother. I also want to take this opportunity to greet you a Happy Birthday in advance. May you have best of health. God bless.

  4. Happy New Year! Sounds like it was the usual sort of adventure ;)

    Your birthday countdown is almost up~ exciting!!