Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I survived!

Well yesterday didn't look like it was ever going to pan out. I'm just going to have to pay more attention to what day I start co-op and make sure it isn't on a day that DH is home!

He posted on Craig's List our old range, a TV stand (the one we replaced with the roll top desk) and Darly's Princess Castle blocks. He got a few emails arout the range and a lot on the TV stand...they came and picked it up last night...LOL! He tried to talk DH down $5 on it...har har. DH told him that he had 5 other emails wanting it so the guy forked over the cash!

Co-op went very well despite my lack of computer time. However, DH mentioned that perhaps we do need at least one more computer. Keep your fingers crossed!

It sure is nice to have the computer all to myself today...and funny how Darly hasn't wanted it at all today...now that she doesn't have to stand in such a long line for it. weird!

Today I moved my phone over so I could reach it from the eliptical trainer...and sure enough, no one called! Murphy is at it again! Have the phone where you can't reach it, someone calls...put it in easy reach and no one bothers to call. @@ I was able to get in a full 40 minutes. YAY!

So far I haven't seen any weight loss. :( But I have noticed that I fit into my old sized jeans better. I'm hoping that I can get back into my old shorts by summer time.


  1. Will he post my stuff? :)

  2. doesn't it always happen that way? when you make necessary preparations, you don't get interrupted! :)

  3. Don't give up. You'll get into those shorts, it just takes time and then it melts off fast.

    I've never done Ebay or Craig's List, but I have some things I could put on the website.

  4. Here's hoping you get another computer! :-)

  5. Oh, I think I saw that posting on Craig's List! Is that the one that said "interesting trades considered?"

  6. New computer!! I love new computers!